Creating Color Harmony from an Existing Object with CorelDRAW X6

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Creating Color Harmony from Existing Object

Color is one of the key factors that greatly affects the overall appearance of an object, image or graphic. An object with a garbled color scheme can be unpleasant to the eye. With CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 powerful integrated Color Harmony as one of its new features, it will provide the user with an easier way to combine the appropriate colors for an image.

Color Harmonyallows you to group colors based on a hue-value relationship. This tool also enables one to change the color scheme, while preserving the relationship between the colors involved. To put it briefly,Color Harmonylets you modify the combinations of colors quickly and easily.

Color Harmony can be accessed in theColor Stylesdocker. By default, the Color Styles docker is not displayed on the screen.

To open it, click Tools'Color Styles.

You can create color harmony
with our without using an existing object. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to create one without using an existing object.

1. Open a file or image by selecting
Import.When the Import dialog box appears, select Browse to locate the file/image that you want to edit. Highlight the image, then click the Importbutton.

10. Save the file.

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