CorelDRAW Product Status And Subscription Error Messages

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If you have received an error message while trying to create or use your CorelDRAW Product or Subscription, additional information is provided here to assist you in understanding the message and to help you resolve the issue.

"You have exceeded the number of computers on which you may install the product. For assistance, please go to ‘’"

This error occurs when you have exceeded the maximum number of allowed sign-ins. To correct this problem, you must uninstall the respective CorelDRAW product from one of the systems on which it is already installed. You must also be online when the uninstall occurs. Alternatively, if none of the systems are available to you or you are unable to uninstall the software on one of the systems, visit the Product Status and Subscriptions section of Your Account, to “Manage” the installations of the respective product or subscription listed on that page. On the “Manage machines…” page, select the device(s) you want to remove and click “Remove selected machines”. Note that applications installed on a device removed from that list will no longer launch, as you will be prompted to sign in again when trying to launch the applications. Contact Corel Support for further assistance.

"The serial number that you used to install the product is already associated with another account. For more information, visit"

This error has occurred because there is already a account associated with the serial number you used to install the CorelDRAW product. As a result, you will be unable to authenticate your product. If you have changed your email in Your Account settings, you must use that new email when you sign in. It is possible that you have been a victim of software piracy (as it is not permissible to transfer software licenses to another party), and you must contact Corel Support for further assistance.

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