CorelDRAW Essentials 2021: Reasons to choose

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Fun, affordable graphic design  

Whether you’re just starting out or you dabble in graphic design, CorelDRAW® Essentials  

2021 is the toolkit you need to create gorgeous graphics with ease. This value-rich vector illustration and photo editing software package is your answer to creating posters, cards, calendars, social media images, and more, quickly and with total confidence. 

 Easy to learn  

Getting started with CorelDRAW Essentials is easy and producing captivating designs is too! Ensure you’re successful right from the start by exploring helpful discovery files. Grow your confidence while you design with a handy Hints docker that teaches you how to use tools as you select them. 

 Much more than a basic graphics app  

Turn your passion into eye-catching graphics with more creative control than you’ll get with one-click design applications. You can rely on CorelDRAW Essentials to add your unique touch without the constraints of template-based graphics software alternatives.  

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