Adding images, graphics, and backgrounds to tables in CorelDRAW X6

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Adding images, graphics, and backgrounds to tables in Corel Draw X6

This article will describe simple steps on how to add images or graphics to a table.If you want to arrange bitmap images or vector graphics in a structured layout, you can add them to tables. You can also change the look of a table by adding a background color.


To insert an image or a graphic in a table cell

1. Copy an image or a graphic.

2. Click the Table tool, and select the cell where you want to insert the image or graphic.

3. Click Edit Paste.

You can also insert a graphic or an image by holding down the right mouse button over the image,
dragging the image to a cell, releasing the right mouse button, and then clicking Place inside cell.


To add a background color to a table

1. Click the Table tool , and then click the table.

2. Click the Background color picker, and then click a color on the color palette.

You can also modify the background color of specific cells, rows, or columns by selecting

the cells, clicking the Background color picker on the property bar, and then clicking a color

on the color palette.


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