How to authorize to use Google Drive in Google Workspace

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 To enable to manage your company users’ Google Drive data, a Google Workspace administrator needs to grant access to the web application. The one-time process is simple and usually doesn’t take too much time for Google to recognize the changes.

 Before we start, please, make sure you have the correct permissions to handle the Google Workspace Admin Console of your company domain, then access

 You’ll see a list with the main sections from the Admin Console, please select “Security” (Image 1), if this option is not on the list, you can try finding it in “More controls”, available at the bottom of the page.


In the Security section, search for the “Advanced Settings” (Image 2), and after opening it, go to “Manage API client access” (Image 3). 



On the “Manage API client access” page you’ll need to register as an authorized application, so it can manage the users’ Google Drive.

Now you’ll have to insert “113897936193189820689” to the “Client Name” field and “” in the “One or More API Scopes” field. After including the values, you can finish by clicking on the “Authorize” button (Image 4).


After you pressed “Authorize,” it will take about 15 minutes to be reflected.

You’re done - configuration is completed

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