Using Keyboard Short-cuts in CorelDRAW

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Using keyboard shortcuts in CorelDRAW® X3

You can use keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys) to quickly activate many menu commands and tools in CorelDRAW® X3. The keyboard shortcut for a menu command is displayed to the right of the menu item; the keyboard shortcut for a tool is displayed in a ToolTip when you hover over the tool.

This example shows the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+N) for starting a new project.

This example shows the keyboard shortcut (F10) for activating the Shape tool.

Below are the keyboard shortcuts for some commonly performed tasks.


Keyboard shortcut

Open a fileCtrl+O
Save a fileCtrl+S
Import a fileCtrl+I
Export a fileCtrl+E
Print a fileCtrl+P

Note: For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see the CorelDRAW X3 Quick Reference Card included in your software package.

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