How to install Digital Content & Extra Content

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You now have the option to install all Clipart, Photo's and Objects to your hard drive as part of the Extras Installer; however, the CorelDraw Graphics Suite must be installed before these items can be installed to your hard drive.

Open Type, True Type fonts and symbol fonts are included with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5; however, they must first be added or installed to be used within applications. For more information on installing fonts, refer to your Windows documentation, the Help within Font Navigator or any other font management program.

Fonts are available within the Extras\Content\Fonts folder on the DVD. Symbol fonts are available in the Extras\Content\Fonts\Symbols folder on the DVD.

Extra Pattern Fill, Spraylists, Frames, Tile files, Brush Textures, Image lists, Objects and Photos are available as part of the Extras installer. See the Help for more information on how to load and use these files within CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 applications.

If you enter a custom path for the Extras, please note that this will apply to the Clipart & Images files only; all other extra content will be installed to the locations required by the applications

Sample files for each application are available in a Samples sub-folder for each application. (for example, ..\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5\Draw\Samples ).


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