CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite X8 - Launch issues on Microsoft Surface Devices

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CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite X8 applications fail to launch on Microsoft Surface devices using device specific color profiles.


Assign a different color profile, such as IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB (sRGB IEC 61966-2.1).

1.  Open the Color Management dialog from Control Panel ( or type Color Management in Search window).


2.  In the Color Management dialog, Devices tab, select the Add… button, then in the Associate Color Profile dialog, select sRGB IEC 61966-2.1, and click OK.


3.  Once the new color profile is added, highlight it in the Color Management dialog, select the Set as Default Profile button, then close the dialog.



4.  In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color.

5.  Create a new folder, titled ‘SurfaceProfiles’

6.  Locate the files: surface-srgb and surface-srgb-enhanced. Highlight both files and then cut/paste (or drag/drop) them into the new folder (C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\SurfaceProfiles).

7.  Close the Color Management dialog.

8.  CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite X8 applications should now successfully launch.

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