Specifying Color Management Options For Exporting PDF files in CorelDRAW®

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Specifying color management options for exporting PDF files


You can specify color management options for exporting files to PDF.  You can choose a color profile or leave the objects in their original color space.  You can also embed the color profile with the PDF.


If you have spot colors in your file, you can either preserve the spot colors or convert them to process colors so that the file produces four plates for CMYK output.


If you want to export to PDF for the purpose of soft-proofing the document, you can apply the document’s color proofing settings. In addition, you can choose additional soft-proofing options, such as preserving document overprints and overprinting black.


To specify color management options for exporting PDF files

1. Click File Export.

2.Choose PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format from the Save as type list box.

3. Locate the folder in which you want to save the file.

4. Type a filename in the File name box.

5. Click Export.


The PDF settings dialog box appears.


6. Click the Color tab.

7. In the Color management area, enable the Use document color settings option.

8. Choose a color profile option from the Output colors as list box:




• Grayscale • Native


You can also

Apply proofing color profile to the PDFIn the Color management area, enable the Use color proof settings option.
Convert all spot colors applied in the document to the chosen color profileEnable the Convert spot colors to check box.
Embed the color profile in the PDFEnable the Embed color profile check box.
Simulate how overprints appear, which is useful for soft-proofing the documentIn the Other color controls area, enable the Preserve document overprintscheck box.
Enable the overprinting of blackn the Other color controls area, enable the Always overprint black check box.

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