AfterShot Pro 3: Cannot delete keywords in AfterShot Pro 3 library. This image does not affect AfterShot 3 as AfterShot 3 does not have a libraries function.

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In AfterShot Pro, you may find that a keyword cannot be deleted / removed.  This can happen when a keyword contains a single quote (‘) character.  To resolve this issue, you’ll need to manually edit or remove the .XMP file which AfterShot creates to store the image edits and metadata, then rename both the image file and the XMP file.  Here’s how:

1.  Close AfterShot Pro.

2.  Browse to the affected image on your computer.  In this example, we’ll call the image IMG0001.jpg

     a.  Note, depending on your Windows settings, you may not see the JPG file extension, it may simply be named IMG0001.  In that case, just use IMG0001 for the file name.

3.  If you have an advanced text editor such as NotePad++ (

     a. Edit the xmp file to remove the ‘ from the keywords.

     b. Rename the xmp file to IMG0001.jpg.xmp

4.  If you don’t have an advanced text editor:

     a. back up your XMP file and then delete it from the folder with your images.

5. Right click on IMG0001.jpg and choose rename.  Rename it to IMG0001a.jpg

6. Restart AfterShot Pro.

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