Plugin edits not showing in AfterShot Pro

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Issue: If you use third-party plugins in AfterShot Pro, opening the files in a version of AfterShot Pro that does not have the plugins installed affects the current image preview AND the previews in subsequent sessions--edits made with those plugins may not appear even when the plugins are installed.

Solution: To restore third-party plugin edits to previews, reset the AfterShot Pro cache and rebuild the previews from the latest XMP data. Please follow the instructions below.

To reset the cache and rebuild previews

1. Open AfterShot Pro, click File > Preferences. On the General page, copy the path in the User Folder Location box.


2. Close AfterShot Pro.
3. Paste the path into the navigation window for your system (such as the Windows Explorer address bar).

4. Delete the cache folder. *If you don't see the cache folder, see the tips below.

5. Restart AfterShot Pro. The previews will be regenerated using the XMP data.



The cache folder might be hidden, depending on your system settings. For example:

· Mac OS: Open the Finder, go to your account folder [user name], right-click the folder and choose Show View Options. Enable the Show Library Folder check box.

· Linux OS: Go to View and enable Show Hidden Folders.

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