AfterShot 3: How to activate AfterShot 3 bundled with Toast 15 Pro

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With your purchase of Toast 15 Pro included is AfterShot 3.

To activate AfterShot 3, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Download the Toast 15 Pro.dmg from your order confirmation
2. Double click Toast 15 Pro.dmg
3. Select the option "Pro Apps" and double click it.
4. In the next window, double click on AfterShot 3.pkg
5. First screen of the installation, click Continue
6. Read the End User License Agreement, then click Continue
7. Click Agree to accept the Terms of the software agreement
8. Click the Install button
9. When the installation is finished, exit out of the installation screen.
10. In the Trial Expired window, click the "Enter Serial Number" button and then type in the serial provided for AfterShot 3.
11. Once the serial number is typed in correctly, the Unlock button will become active. click the Unlock button in order to activate AfterShot 3.

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