AfterShot Pro: closes after splash screen on Fedora Linux

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When using Fedora Linux, AfterShot closes after launch or immediately after the default library path is set.
When examining the "~/.AfterShot Pro 3\AfterShotPro.log" file, you see errors regarding  The version number may be different.  Here's how to check the log file:
Open a terminal window and type these commands:
$ cd .AfterShot\ Pro\ 3
$ less AfterShotPro.log
Note: less is a text file viewer.  Use your arrow keys to navigate, / to search and q to quit.
Open a terminal window and enter the following two commands.  Note that it's OK if openssl-devel isn't found or compat-openssl10 is already installed:
$ sudo yum -y remove openssl-devel
$ sudo yum -y install compat-openssl10

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