Additional Plugins for Aftershot Pro

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AfterShot Pro includes the industry's most advanced, best integrated plug-in interface, providing photographers with unique, totally non-destructive access to third party image editing tools.

Plug-ins in AfterShot Pro are no different than the built-in adjustment tools - all tools and plug-ins work seamlessly with AfterShot Pro's undo/redo and editing History tools, may be applied or changed in any order, and don't ever require creating intermediate image files.

Additional plugins for Aftershot Pro can be found at the AfterShot Pro Plugins Page.

If you have downloaded a file with .afzplug file extension, double click the file to install the plugin. You will be required by the program to restart the application to complete the installation of the plugin.

If you have downloaded a .zip file, then extract the downloaded the file (for example: and copy the extracted folder "Vigne.afplugin" into C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel AfterShot Pro\supportfiles\plugins\

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