AfterShot Pro 3: How to Reset AfterShot Pro 3 to default under Linux

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If AfterShot Pro 3 stops working normally when used in Linux, resetting it to factory defaults can help.  
This article assumes that you know how to locate hidden folders in your user profile and how to rename them.  If you are unsure how to complete these tasks, please consult the documentation for your specific variety of Linux.
To reset AfterShot Pro 3 to Factory Defaults, Rename these two folders. Please note that ~/ denotes your home folder:
~/.AfterShot Pro 3
Now, retry AfterShot. You will be prompted to re-enter your serial number and default folder locations when AfterShot starts. If the issue persists, repeat the above steps, and rename:
~/Pictures/AfterShot Pro Catalog 3

If you continue to have trouble, please consult our knowledge base, or contact technical support.

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