Error 1321 The Installer has insufficient privileges

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1. The file update process may be faster than the file copy process.
2. The anti-virus or firewallsoftware is conflicting with or blocking the installation of the update.
3. The Windows permissions for the folder containing the file are set to "restrict access".
4. The file referenced in the error is in useor damaged.


Option 1

Click Retry to allow the update to complete.
If that doesn't work, click Cancel on the error message, then go to option 2.

Option 2

1. Temporarily disable the anti-virus or security software.
2. Install the update
3. Re-enable your antivirus or security software.

**Note: Disabling antivirus software while connected to the Internet using a persistent connection such as DSL or cable is not recommended. Disconnect the computer from the internet before disabling the antivirus software. When you are finished with these steps, re-enable the anti-virus software before reconnecting to the internet.

Option 3

Clean re-install your software

1. Log on to an Administrator account or to a user account with administrative privileges since Limited or Power User accounts will not let Corel software install, uninstall, or run properly.

2. Disable your internet connection, anti-virus/spyware, and firewall software during this clean re-installation procedure.

Hint: If you are running Windows 7, please disable temporarily the User Account Control (a reboot may be required); article "What's Different in Windows 7":

3. There are also services that are running in the background; that you must turn off when Windows starts up.
These instructions are found at this link:

4. Uninstall the software by using the installer itself, or via the Windows Control Panel.
On the Windows task bar, click on Start Control Panel Uninstall the programs. Select the Corel Product(s) that you want to remove from the list, and click on the Uninstall/Change button.

5. Re-install the software.

6. Once the program is installed, re-activate all programs and services that were turned off in the previous steps. If the problem persists after reactivating your programs and services, go back to the System Configuration Utility(see step 3) and check eac Start up program and service one by one. and observe which among these are preventing the software from running.

NOTE: You can undo the clean boot and return your computer to normal after the clean re-installation (e.g. the UAC in Windows 7).

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