Everything You Need to Know About Support Codes

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Q. What is a support code, and why do I need one?

A support code is a 9-digit number associated with your Warranty or Priority Support entitlement. We use them for two major reasons:

1. To ensure that no one else misuses your identity to obtain support. The codes are a way to confirm that you are the correct person.
2. To ensure that you are getting the appropriate level of support to which you are entitled; the codes are a method to verify the product you have registered and the warranty information associated with it, as well as the level of support you may have purchased beyond this. Q. How do I get a support code?

The first thing to check is that you are using a supported version of the product, which you can do by checking our list of supported Corel, Pinnacle, and Roxio products.
Once you have confirmed that your product is supported, you can receive a support code through one of two ways:

1. If you purchased your product through Corel directly, you should receive a support code via e-mail that may be used over your Warranty period.
2. You may also register your product, if you haven't already, to receive a support code for your warranty period.
For more information on the levels of support available to you, please review our Support Overview.

Registering a Product - In-Warranty Support Codes

If you ordered your product directly through the Corel, Pinnacle, or Roxio web sites, your registration is automatic, and in addition to your order confirmation email, you will have received an email with your support code enclosed! Please note that these emails can take up to 30 minutes to arrive.

If you did not purchase the program directly from us, you will need to register manually. This can be done as a part of the product installation, or you can visit the appropriate page below to register online.

Register a Corel Product
Register a Pinnacle Product
Register a Roxio Product
Once registration is complete, you will receive an email containing your support code. This email may take up to thirty minutes to arrive. Please note that the email address you use to register will be the same one our support team uses to contact you if you have multiple email addresses, it is best to enter one you are likely to check regularly!

Out-of-Warranty Support - Purchased Support

If you are no longer within your warranty period, a new support code can be received by purchasing either a One-time Priority Support instance, or aTraining and Support Plan for further coverage.

Q. I Never Received my Support Code!

There are a number of events which can make finding your support email difficult. Keep these in mind:

1. Many people use different email addresses for different correspondence. If this applies to you, we recommend you check all your email accounts.
2. Mail programs have anti-spam rules. We recommend you check any Junk or Spam mailboxes.
3. Many people file their emails. If this applies to you, please check that you did not inadvertently put this email in the wrong folder.
4. The message may have been accidentally deleted. Please check your Trash or Deleted emails folder.
5. The message may have been delayed. Though most emails seem to arrive instantaneously, sometimes it can take longer. It is recommended that you wait at least 20 minutes to rule out minor network delays before concluding the email did not arrive.
Finally, the message may have been lost in transit. If you have checked all the above situations and still cannot find your email, then please use our Registration Assistance form to request help!

Q. What email address should I use to access technical support when prompted to enter a support code?

When trying to access online support, our system requires you to specify an email address along with your support code.

1. If you registered a product, use the email address you entered during the product registration or login process.
2. If you purchased a Priority Support code, use the email address associated with your corel.com account.
In both these cases, you would receive a confirmation email at that address upon submitting your inquiry to technical support.

Q. How do I submit a technical support case with a support code?

Once you have your support code, you can then proceed directly to our support pages for Corel, Roxio, or Pinnacle to submit your case to our support team, and they will get in touch with you directly to assist!


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