Captured video still has no sound after checking connections

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If you've already connected your audio cables properly and there's still no sound, then try to set up the Windows sound settings as well. Please do the following to make sure your settings are correct:

  1. Open "Volume Control" by going to "Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Entertainment --> Volume Control";
  2. Go to "Options --> Properties";
  3. Under "Show the following volume controls", make sure that line in is checked;
  4. Within the volume control itself, make sure that "Line-in" is not in "mute" and is in full volume;
  5. Under "Adjust volume for" of "Properties", choose "Recording" instead of "Playback";
  6. Under "Show the following volume controls", make sure that the following are checked: - stereo mix - TV Tuner Audio - CD Player - Line In - Microphone;
  7. Click "Ok" to apply the changes;
  8. Try with the check mark on "Line In" and increase the volume;
  9. Capture a short clip and render it. Check if the sound improves;
  10. If you still don't hear sound, go to "Volume/Record Controls" once more, select "TV Tuner" then increase its volume;
  11. Repeat steps 7 onwards until you've tried the other settings as well (Stereo Mix, Microphone, etc.).


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