How to manually install from the disc or Bad disc

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Please check the following before proceeding to the steps below:

  1. Try to use another DVD/Disc drive.If you do not have another DVD/CD drive that you can use, you may try the steps below.
  2. Please wipe the disc with a clean soft cloth.
  3. For CorelDRAW DVD, please check if your DVD drive is dual layer. To check this please consult your computer manual or check the face of the DVD drive if there are letters "DL" written on it. It means its a Dual Layer DVD enabled drive.

Please try to copy the installation folders from the disc to your hard drive and install using the copied files on your hard drive:

Step 1: Copy the installation files from your disc to your hard drive:

1. Insert the disc installer into your drive. If the installation starts automatically, click Quit in the lower-right corner.

2. Right-click the Windows Start button and choose Explore.

3. Before copying the installation files, create a new folder in a convenient location (for example, your desktop) on your hard drive to copy the files to:

- Create a new folder on your desktop by selecting Desktop in the left pane of the open window.
- With the location selected in the left pane, go to the File menu, choose New, and then click Folder.
- The new folder will appear in the right pane. Type a name for that folder.

4. In the left pane, browse to the drive, right-click, and choose Explore.

5. In the right pane, locate the folders.

6. Hold down the CTRL key and select the folders.

7. Right-click either highlighted folder and choose Copy.

8. Browse back to the new folder you created in step 3.

9. Right-click that folder and choose Paste. It may take a few minutes to copy these folders from your disc to your hard drive.

Note: If you receive an error while copying these files, there may be an issue with your drive or the disc itself. Try Installing on connected computers from one drive. If you continue to receive errors copying from the disc on a second computer, the disc may be damaged.

Step 2: Install from the folders you copied to your hard drive:

1. Locate the new folder where you copied the folders to and open the folder.

2. Double-click the file setup.exe (or Setup if you do not view file extensions) to start the installation.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. Please scroll up to view the whole article.

Please call Corel Customer Support Services with your product serial number and proof of purchase (a receipt or credit card statement) and a representative would be happy to assist you in your request. You can contact them at 1-877-582-6735 (Mon-Fri, 9:00am-7:00pm EST)


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