PaintShop Pro X6 (64 bit) - Unable To Import From TWAIN Scanner

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PaintShop Pro X6 has the ability to import images straight from a scanner.  While the 32 bit version of PaintShop Pro X6 will work with most, if not all devices, the 64 bit version will require the installation of 64 bit drivers to be installed from the device manufacturer.  These drivers will allow for interaction between the software and the scanning device.  If the device does not have 64 bit drivers, you will need to consult the device manufacturers website for any information on possible driver updates. 


PaintShop Pro X6 - 64 bit will not interact with scanning devices that only have 32 bit drivers installed.


PaintShop Pro X6 also comes as a 32 bit application which will work with any TWAIN device to import images.  As an alternative, it is possible to scan images into the computer by simply using the software that comes with the sale of the scanner.  It is also possible to use the Import from Scanner option by clicking on File and then selecting Import and then Import from Scanner or Camera.  This option is used for older devices and may not work with newer models.

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