How do I activate my trial or ESD product

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Scenario 1 - I have purchased the download version but do not have the trial version installed

Scenario 2 - I have the trial version installed and just purchased the download from the Corel Store.


Scenario 1

If you have not already done so, locate the download link on your Corel store receipt and click the Begin your download.When prompted, select to save the file.When saving the file, select a location you are familiar with to make it easy to locate the file after it finishes downloading.

  1. When the download is finished, locate the file that was downloaded and the double-click to begin the file extraction process.It is recommended that you accept the defaults.
  2. When the file extraction completes, the installation process will begin automatically.
  3. When prompted, enter the serial number provided on your Corel Store receipt.Follow all prompts to install the product.Unless you are an advanced user, it is recommended to accept the default installation location for the software.
  4. When the installation process is complete, click the Finish button.You can now use your fully functional software product.

Scenario 2

If you have previously installed the Trial version of the software, and purchased the download version direct from the Corel store, there is no need to download again.The installed trial version can be unlocked using the serial number provided on your Corel Store receipt. To unlock/activate your trial with your download serial number:

  1. Launch the trial version and then immediately close the application.
  2. A trial dialog will appear with a Buy Now or Already Purchased button (button lower left hand corner).
  3. Click the Button that says Already Purchased.
  4. In the next window (at the top), enter the serial number provided on your Corel Store receipt, and click the Connect button.
  5. This will unlock/activate your trial version to a fully functioning version of the product.


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