How to register my Corel product

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It's easy to register your product!

You'll need a Corel ID to register your product. If you don't already have a Corel ID, no need to worry—you'll create one when you register.

Please note that registration is required for service and support.

Register using one of these options:

Online during installation
Connect to the Internet, and install your software or start it for the first time.
You no longer need to register your product separately—we have simplified things by making registration part of the installation process.

Register at a later date
You can register your software by login to your account to register your product serial number.

To login to your account:
Go to and login in on the top right
Select "Register a New Product" under "Your Products"
Fill in your Serial Number and Product Language
Confirmation email with a Support Code will be sent for all supported products


Benefits of registering your Corel product:

What if I've tried all of that and I still need help?

If you have followed these steps and still cannot successfully register your product, then please use our Registration Assistance form to request help.  An agent will verify your product, register it on your behalf.

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