VideoWave: Split Screen Video Templates - Extending Video Duration and other Settings

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The split screen video templates in VideoWave allow you to create unique productions that show multiple video clips playing simultaneously in one screen. By default, these split screen templates have a maximum duration of 5 seconds only. But this can be manually extended to as long as your video clips require by editing its Internal Track properties.

Adding Split Screen to your Production

First off, select the split screen video template you would like to use by double-clicking it in the Effect Selector panel.


The Split Screen editor will come up with the template you selected. At this point you can either start adding your video clips or opt to do that later and click the OK button without making any changes.


In either case, the Split Screen effect element will be added to your VideoWave timeline, as seen below.


Editing the Split Screen Template

Once added, you can now make changes to the “Split Screen Template Creator” element, such as changing the shape of the picture-in-picture windows and extending the default run-time duration of the effect.

Simply click on the Split Screen element itself to select it, and then click the “Internal Tracks” tab on the Production Editor window’s toolbar.


You will then see a window like the one shown below. You will notice on the left-hand panel the run-time duration for the effect shows as a little over 5 seconds.


Changing the Split Screen Video Duration

To change the duration, double-click on the “Split Screen Template Creator” element (top-most track) to bring out the “Adjust Duration” dialog box.



In the “Adjust Duration” dialog box, you can either click on the minus (-) or plus (+) buttons to reduce or increase the duration. You can also set the adjusted duration as the default one for future productions and/or apply the duration to the entire production.


In this example, the duration has been extended from the default 5 seconds to 20 seconds and set to be the default for future productions.


The next time you open the Internal Tracks properties, it will now show the duration of 20 seconds.


Other Split Screen Settings

Double-clicking on any of the “Placeholder” elements will reveal adjustable settings for further customizing your split screen video effect, such as how the template looks (shape masks, chroma key, etc.), its position and placement, and the movement style and effect.

Adding a shaped mask:


Adjusting the position:


Adding and in and out movement style:


Once you are done making your preferred adjustments, click on the “Done” button on the left-hand panel. Your adjustments will then be saved and applied to your VideoWave production.



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