Computing Circular Dab

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Painter 12 introduces a new dab type called "Computed Circular".

This new dab type falls into the category of dab based brushes, which include these other dab types:

- Circular

- Single-Pixel

- Static Bristle

- Captured

- Eraser


These are the brush types that render a sequence of images or "stamps", to create the stroke.

Painter already had a Circular dab type. However, you were limited to using preset profiles for your dab. You could not have precise control over the softness of the edges.

These examples show some of the preset profiles you could select for the Circular dab, and the sample dabs it would render.




With Painter 12, you can now choose the Computed Circular dab, and instead of using the preset profiles, this dab type allows you to create custom profiles based on the settings available in the Computed Dab panel.

Here are some sample dabs created with various settings:




As you can see, you can change the softness of the edges. You can also change the strength (opacity) of your profile, and this is reflected in the dab preview.

Note that Painter ignores whatever profile preset is selected when your brush is using the Computed Circular dab. Much like when you use the Static Bristle dab type.


This new dab type also supports settings from the Angle controls. You can squeeze and rotate the dab as you wish.


In fact, almost every brush setting that you can apply to the Circular dab type, you can also apply to Computed Circular. One exception is the Hard Media settings. For now you can't combine Hard Media settings with the Computed Circular dab.

Painter 12 shipped with 12 brushes using this new dab type, in various combinations with other features.

These brushes are:


Digital Hard Edge Airbrush

Digital Soft Flat Airbrush

Digital Soft Flow Airbrush

Digital Soft Pressure Airbrush

Digital Soft Velocity Airbrush

Digital Tapered Soft Airbrush



Gel Airbrush

Gel Grainy Round



Colorize Airbrush


Real Wet Oil:

Liquid Grainy Blender

Liquid Grainy

Liquid Oil



Just for fun, I created 2 new blender brushes using the Computed Circular dab type.

If you would like to try out these blender brushes, you can download from this link: Computed Circular Blenders


I made the edges really soft, and brought the dab opacity really low so that the strength of the blenders would also be pretty low. I made one of them use grain, and the other one ignore the paper grain.


And here is a sample for each:


Soft Blender:

Soft Grainy Blender:

If you have questions or feedback on the Computed Circular dab type or any other topics, including previous posts, please send them along, I will do my best to answer any questions! emoticon


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