How to reinstall and reactivate my product

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Corel supports the current and previous version of your product, review the list of supported products

Once you confirmed your product is supported, you need to know the source of the software.  The source of the software will be a CD you bought from the Corel store or another retailer (box version), or an installation file you've downloaded from your Order Confirmation (download version). They're really all the same file, but the way you re-install the software will be different.

To re-install a box version:

You will need to have the CD/DVD and a CD/DVD drive to install it. Simply insert the CD/DVD and follow the on screen wizard.

If you are no longer in possession of the CD/DVD disc, call 1 877 582 6735 to buy a DVD/CD replacement which will be shipped to your address. (A processing/shipping fee will be charged.)

To re-install a recently purchased download version:

You will need access to the download link found on your Order Confirmation. Your Order Confirmation was emailed to you the day of your purchase or alternatively you can find your Order Confirmation from Your Account

To find your Order Confirmation on Your Corel Account : 


  1. Go to
  2. Click "Sign In" at the top right corner
  3. Once you have signed into Your Account
  4. Scroll down to "Your Order Status and History" section and click the link of the Order number corresponding to the product you want to download or re-download.
  5. Your Order Confirmation will display with the link to download / re- download your software.

Find additional information on How to download / re-download.

To re-activate a download version: 

If you have reached your activation limit and want to install the software on a new computer, please contact support by submitting a request or via phone or chat

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