Windows 8 Compatibility for Roxio Products

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Corel is happy to support many of your favorite Roxio products on Microsoft's latest operating system release, Windows 8.

'The following products are Windows 8 compatible. 'Please make sure the latest updates are installed:

The following products are Windows 8 compatible if the purchased date is from January 2013 onwards:

We may release new versions of these products that are Windows 8 compatible in the near future. However, there will not be any patch released for the current Windows 7 version to make it Windows 8 compatible.

Previous versions of Roxio branded software that is not listed above as "Windows 8 compatible" will run into compatibility issues and are not supported by Corel on Windows 8.

How do I get Windows 8 compatible Roxio software?

Existing customers can upgrade to the latest Windows 8 compatible software at the Roxio Upgrade Center. New Customers can get the latest software at the Roxio eStore or call our Inside Sales Team at 1-877-582-6735 (Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM, EST - excluding Corel holidays) if you have any questions.

What happens if I try to install a non-compatible product on Windows 8?

Some products may not install properly and/or have limited functionality - even if the product appears to install properly. Please note that Corel does not provide support for products installed on Windows 8 that are not Windows 8 Compatible. Corel does not support any products installed on a pre-released version of Windows 8.


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