How to set WinZip PDF Pro as my default PDF reader?

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I need to set WinZip PDF Pro as my default PDF reader.


There are two ways to set WinZip PDF Pro as your default program to open your PDFs.  

  1. Locate a PDF and right-click on the file 

  1. Select ‘Open with’ and then select ‘choose another app’ 

  1. Locate and select the ‘WinZip PDF Pro’ program.  

  1. Select ‘Always use this app to open .pdf files’ and then click ‘OK’ 

  1. Right-click the ‘Start’ button and choose ‘Settings’. 

  1. Select ‘Apps’ from the list. 

  1. Choose ‘Default apps’ on the left. 

  1. Scroll down a little and select choose ‘default apps by file type’. 

  1. Locate the file extension ‘.pdf’ and select it. 

  1. In the ‘Choose an app pop-up window’, pick WinZip PDF Pro to associate it with the .pdf file extension. 

  1. Windows 10 will now open your PDFs with WinZip PDF Pro. 

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