Dealing with "Serial Number Not Valid" or "Cannot be Validated" Error Messages

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Unable to install product due to serial number "cannot be validated" or "not valid" error message


Firewall/proxy blocking authentication request; or incorrect installer


If the error message on the serial number states that it cannot be validated. This means that something is blocking the software's authentication request to the Roxio validation server. Although the serial number itself is good, the validation process cannot proceed. This is usually caused by very stringent network security protocols. In most cases, the user is trying to install the software in a school, government, or corporate office environment where the network is closed off for security reasons.

Other reasons for the error could be an incorrect installer. An older installer version could also cause the problem.

If you are still using the original disc version to install the software, please download and install the most recent version of your product from this website: 


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