Pinnacle Studio freezes

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When moving a title to a different position on the timeline, Studio freezes.

Please follow the steps outlined below to resolve the issue. 

# Install the latest graphics driver from its manufacturer website.

# Once graphics driver is updated, reset Studio as steps below:

- Press Windows + R keys together to get Run command box.
- In the available field type (or copy and paste) %localappdata% and press enter key.
- Then rename the Pinnacle folder to Pinnacle.old and Pinnacle_Studio_25 folder to Pinnacle_Studio_25.old
- Launch Studio 25 as administrator by right-click on its icon then select 'Run as administrator'.

NOTE: This will reset all your Library settings to default, including Watchfolders and Project Bins, and any media previously imported will need to be imported again.

Also, it is important with this type of problem to unload unwanted background processes and antivirus software when using Studio. Try disabling all background programs and then re-enabling them one at a time until the conflicting program is located.

Please follow the steps given below to disable background programs

*       Right-click on the taskbar, then Task Manager or press (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
*       Once the Task Manager open
*       Click More details
*       Select the Startup tab
*       Right-click on the program
*       Click Disable


Also, make sure that 'My Documents' folder location is set on local drive, not on OneDrive. Please search internet for articles on Windows Documents folder location and restore default location


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