How to deploy WordPerfect Office 2021 from the command line

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How to deploy WordPerfect Office 2021 from the command line


When installing to five or more systems, it is preferable to deploy WordPerfect using a volume license and a command line install.



  1. Copy the "English" folder (or French, if you are doing a French language install of WordPerfect) to a network location which is visible to all systems where WordPerfect will be installed. We will call this the Install Source.
  2. Create a file called Persist.XML in the same folder with Setup.exe. Add this to the contents:
    <Property name="ICA.PropertyPresistFile.Created" value="06/15/21 11:13:59"/>
    <Property name="SERIALNUMBER" value="WP21C22-XXXXXXX-YYYYYYY-ZZZZZZZ"/>
    <Property name="ALLOW_PRODUCTUPDATES" value="0"/>
  3. Edit the serial number to match your serial number.
  4. On each client system, you have two options of how to install:
    1. You can browse to the Install Source on the network, then double-click on the Setup.exe file. Follow the on-screen prompts. You will not be prompted for a serial number.
    2. You can install it with a command line such one of these:
      • msiexec.exe -i //path/to/InstallSource/Setup/setup.msi ADDLOCAL="ALL" /CHAINER_CMD="/qb"
      • //path/to/InstallSource/Setup.exe /qb ADDLOCAL=ALL
  5. Note, there are many more public property options that can be used with the command lines available in the deployment guide. This article is intended to provide a basic example only.

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