How To Deploy Painter 2022 Volume License on OSX

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Install Painter 2022 with a volume license key on one or more OSX machines in a manner which is compatible with deployment tools and scripting.



Part 1. Gather Prerequisites

  1. Goto the purchase receipt email and use the download link to download the Painter 2022 ISO image. This contains both the OSX install file and the Windows files.
  2. Note your serial number in the email.
  3. Login to Corel.Com or and click Sign In near the top right.
    1. Sign in with the credentials associated with the purchase of this product
    2. Under "Your Products", click "Product Status and Subscriptions"
    3. Note, this is the screen where you can manage installed licenses for Painter. If you decommission a machine, you can deactivate its license here, then that license will be free to use on another machine.
    4. At the bottom of the page, copy the Profile ID. You will need this ProfileID later.
  4. Visit this link:
    1. Browse into the Painter2022 folder
    2. Download the "CorporatePainter2022.pkg" file
    3. Download the "CorporateDeploy.plist" file.

Part 2. Deploy / Install


Step 1

  1. Download the content into one folder.
  2. From that folder find the CorporateDeploy.plist
  3. Open CorporateDeploy.plist using TextEdit
  4. Edit and then add your account Serial number and ProfileID into the file replacing the samples (Serial Number and ProfileID) below with the same number from your account to be used to authenticate the product.
  5. Save

Corporate Long (Volume) --- This is if you have a perpetual license:


  Corporate Subscription (Volume) --- This is if you have a subscription, note the different serial prefix:


Step 2

File:  CorporatePainter2022.pkg

Important: Ensure CorporateDeploy.plist is in the same directory as the two (2) other pkg files.


  1. Open Terminal on Mac
  2. The Terminal app is found in the Utilities folder in Applications.
  3. To open it, either open your Applications folder, then open Utilities, and double-click on Terminal.
  4. Type the command line based on your CPU type
    • Note: sudo command sets the user to root thus will be asked to provide you password as the administrator of the system


sudo installer -pkg {path to}/CorporatePainter2022.pkg -target / -verboseR

Step 3:


  1. Open the downloaded ISO file and browse into the Mac folder.
  2. Open the CorelPainter2022.dmg file by double-clicking on it to mount it.
  3. Copy the file "Corel Painter 2022.pkg" to the same location you had the other two (2) files.
  4. Run the following command to install Painter 2022:


sudo installer -pkg {path to}/Corel\ Painter\ 2022.pkg -target / -verboseR


Note: Here if needed, the debugging steps at the end of this document will help you determine if there are files created properly before the next step.


  1. If you launch Painter and your requested to sign-in.

Possible reason:

Previous installs of Painter 2022 causing registration/sign-in prompts:

If Painter was previously installed on a system without following the above process, please uninstall it, then clear these two folders. Failing to do so will cause Painter to prompt for registration.

The user folder should be cleared for all users who launched Painter on the machine:

Possible reasons:

  1. The CorporateDeploy.plist file is not saved with the proper information or formatted incorrectly. Use the example in this document to make sure there are no errors in where the information is placed.
  2. Verify the serial number and ProfileID are correct.
  3. When you try to install Corel Painter 2022.pkg it fails.

Possible Reasons:

  1. The folder where you keep the Pkg files is run from a folder that does not have the access rights.
  2. If move all the files to the /Users/ Shared/ and run it from there it may help
  3. If you use Terminal to deploy the files, make sure Terminal has access to the folder where the required files are located. In System Preferences, click Security & Privacy. In the Security & Privacy dialog box, click the Privacy tab, and choose Files and Folders in the left pane. In the right pane, scroll to Terminal, and enable the check box for the folder where the files are located.
  4. Use the debugging information to make sure the files are created by the Corporate_XXXX.pkg

After running the CorporatePainter2022.pkg, you should see the following, these files are hidden. Look for instructions online if you are not familiar how to see this on your mac. Don’t modify these files before the next step

/Library/Preferences/com.corel.Painter 2022/com.Corel.Registry_USERS.plist

contains the PROFILEID listed in CorporateDeploy.plist

Location of the *.DTA files must in this folder




#- INTERNAL (content below this line is not visible in published article) -


This article was adapted from a file provided by CorelDRAW development for deploying CorelDRAW to OSX systems.

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