Insertion Point (flashing bar cursor) stops blinking after a few seconds

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After a few seconds of inactivity, the Insertion Point stops blinking. This can make it difficult to see where you are typing. Note, this happens in all Windows applications, not just Corel Products.


Windows stops the insertion point from blinking to allow a power saving mode for devices such as laptops and tablets. When the Insertion Point blinks, the device's processor cannot go into a sleep state.


Recommended Resolution:

Press the left, then right arrow key to wake the insertion point up.

Alternate Resolution:

This will involves editing the Windows registry. It is important to remember that whenever a change to the registry is made, it is necessary to make a backup copy of the Windows registry. For information on how to do this, please click the following link:

Here's how to edit the Windows Registry to greatly lengthen the timeout before the insertion caret stops flashing:

  1. Press WinKey + R to open the Windows Run prompt
  2. Type Regedit.exe and click OK
  3. In the left-hand panel, browse to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  4. In the right-hand column, double click on CaratTimeout 
  5. Write down the current value so that you can return to it later if you wish.
  6. Change the value to FFFFFFFF and click OK
  7. Click on Desktop in the left column
  8. Press the Left arrow on your keyboard several times until you have five entries showing in the left column.  If you get all the way down to just "Computer", double click on Computer.
  9. Close RegEdit.


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