AfterShot Pro: How to delete a saved Watermark preset?

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How to delete a saved Watermark Preset?

In AfterShot 3, one can create a saved watermark on the WaterMark tab at the far right, but one cannot delete the saved watermark from that tab. Here's how to delete the saved watermark.

How to delete the Watermark Preset:

  1. Click the Standard tab at the far right and scroll to the bottom of the right bar.
  2. Under Presets, click Manage
  3. Click on the watermark preset you wish to delete. This will select/highlight the preset.
  4. Click the minus (-) button to the left of the "Done" button to delete the preset.
    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Presets CANNOT be recovered once deleted.  Deletion is permanent.
  5. Repeat the above two steps for any other presets that need deleting.
  6. Click Done.

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