VideoStudio: Blur Faces or Objects in Videos

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How to Blur Faces or Objects with a Fixed Size

In this first example, we will blur the face of a baby playing with his mum. In this clip, the baby remains at a constant distance from the camera, so the size of his face does not change.

Open VideoStudio with the Edit tab active and drag the video of the baby onto the Video track on your timeline. With your clip selected, click on the Track Motion icon on the toolbar.

In the Track Motion dialog box:

Click and drag the nodes on the preview pane to adjust the size manually to better cover the boy’s face with the circle. Then click the Track Motion icon.

NOTE: You can increase or decrease the mosaic size. The lower the mosaic size, the more pixelated the effect will be, and the higher the mosaic size, the blurrier it will become.

Once tracking is done, click OK. Press play to preview and see how easily we’ve blurred out the boy’s face throughout the video.

How to Blur Faces or Objects that Change in Size

This is a more advanced method using multi-point motion tracking which you would use to track objects that change in size or angle as they move closer to, or further from the camera.

In this example, we will use multi-point tracking to blur a license plate.

Note that the multi-point tracker automatically applies a mosaic blur.  You can increase or decrease the size of the mosaic blur as we did in the previous example.

Click Track Motion and make sure to track the entire clip.

In the event one of the nodes comes off its original position while tracking the motion of your object or subject:

NOTE: You may have to do this a few times depending on the complexity of your video clip.

If you preview the video, you’ll see we’ve successfully blurred out the license plate so we can publish this video without worrying about sharing any private information!

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