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HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) is a powerful color adjustment tool that lets you interactively adjust colors in a clip. This lets you target specific colors.

An interactive control can be dragged across a clip in the Player panel to adjust hue, saturation, or lightness of the underlying sample area.

To adjust color with HSL Tuning

  1. In the Timeline, select the video clip that you want to color correct.
  2. In the Options panel, click the Color tab.
  3. Click the HSL Tuning button.
  4. In the HSL drop-list, select one of the following options:




Do one of the following:

•Click the interactive color tool , and in the Player panel drag across a color in the clip that you want to adjust. Dragging to the left, moves the corresponding sliders to the left; dragging to the right, moves the corresponding sliders to the right.

•Adjust the individual sliders to set the values you want.

Note: You can apply a preset by choosing an option from the Select Preset drop-list. You can also save your custom settings as a preset by clicking Save as preset. To clear all changes, click the Reset button.

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