VideoStudio - Adjusting white balance

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White balance restores the natural color temperature of an image by removing unwanted color casts due to conflicting light sources and incorrect camera settings.

For example, an object illuminated with incandescent lights may turn out too reddish or yellowish in an image or video clip. To successfully achieve a natural look, you need to identify a reference point in your image which represents the color white. VideoStudio gives you different options in selecting the white point:

White balance presets — Choose from presets that include Vivid Color or Normal Color, and adjust the level of preset with WeakerNormal, and Stronger options.

Auto — Automatically chooses a white point that is well-matched with the overall color of your image.

Pick Color — Allows you to manually select the white point in the image. Use the Eyedropper Tool to pick a reference area that should be white or neutral gray.

Temperature — Allows you to specify color temperature of light sources in Kelvin (K). You can also click one of the lighting condition icons. Lower values indicate TungstenFluorescent and Daylight scenarios while CloudyShade and Overcast fall under high color temperature.

To adjust White balance

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