VideoStudio - Creating custom project profiles

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Profiles contain settings that define how to create the final movie file. By using the preset profiles provided by VideoStudio or by creating and saving your own profiles in the Movie Profile Manager, you can have multiple versions of your final movie. For example, you can create profiles that provide high-quality output for DVD and video recording, and you can create profiles that output to smaller, lower-quality files ideal for Web streaming and e-mail distribution.

You can also choose profiles and create custom profiles in the Share workspace before you output your movie project. 

To create custom profiles

  1. Launch VideoStudio
  2. Click on the Edit tab
  3. Click Settings > Movie Profile Manager. 
  4. Click the Computer or 3D tab.
  5. From the Format drop-list, choose a file format.(AVI, MP4, etc)
  6. Click New.
  7. In the New Profile Options dialog box, click the VideoStudio tab, and type a name in the Profile name box.
  8. Click the General tab, and choose the settings you want.
  1. Click OK.

To choose a custom profile for your project

  1. Click Settings > Movie Profile Manager. The Movie Profile Manager dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Computer or 3D tab.
  3. From the Format drop-list, choose a file format.
  4. In the Profile area, choose Personal Profiles from the drop-list.
  5. Click the profile you want, and click Close.

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