AfterShot does not show on screen after splash screen closes in Windows

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After AfterShot is opened, the splash screen appears. After a few moments, the splash screen closes. AfterShot The icon on the toolbar remains as if AfterShot is open, but AfterShot does not appear on-screen.


Rarely, Windows may position an application so that it displays off-screen.  The application is open but cannot be seen. This can be remedied by following the steps below.


1.    Open AfterShot
2.    Wait for it to load and for the splash screen to go away.
3.    Look for the AfterShot icon on your task bar at the bottom of the screen.  If it is there, then AfterShot is likely running off-screen.
4.    Hover your mouse over the AfterShot icon on the task bar
5.    When the preview pane appears above the taskbar icon, even if it’s just a blank box, right-click on the preview pane above the taskbar icon.
      a.      If the option to Restore is in grey, skip to 5b. Otherwise, click on Restore and go back to step 4.
      b.      Click on Move
      c.      On your keyboard, press the left (or right) arrow key once.
      d.      Move your mouse to bring AfterShot on screen.
      e.      Left-click to stop moving the AfterShot window

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