Roxio: Easy VHS to DVD Plus (Windows) - How to export recorded videos to a different format

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Your Roxio Easy VHS to DVD software not only allows you to burn captured VHS videos to DVD, it can also convert those captured videos to other video formats and saved to your hard drive, to be played on your computer, or uploaded for streaming or sharing over the Internet.

Exporting your recordings

Once you are done recording and trimming your video, you can click on the "Export" tab, located at the top area of the user interface, or the "Next" button at the bottom right-corner.

Export tab and Next button

This will bring you to the Export workspace, where you can choose the different format settings to be used for converting your video.

The Device Profile Selector

Your first step in exporting your video is to select the device profile. As you will be converting your captured video to a different format (and not burning it to DVD), select "File" from the device profile selector window.

Device profile selector

The Save File Destination

After selecting your device profile, you will need to set its save destination. This is the folder location where the converted video will be exported to.

Select the saved file location

Clicking on the ellipsis button will bring up the Browse window. Here you can navigate to and select a pre-existing folder, or you can make a new one.

Browse for a folder or make a new one

Export Quality

Use the Quality slider to adjust video quality.

The quality slider

Moving the slider to the right improves the quality and increases the file size. Advanced Settings affect the Quality setting, so recheck Quality if you make other setting changes.

Advanced Settings

This is where you choose all the different format settings for your video.

Advanced settings

Click on the plus (+) button to expand window and see all the available settings to choose from.

Advanced Settings window

Below is a rundown of the different options available in the Advanced Settings area.

Exporting your video

Once you have selected your compression method, the video frame rate, resolution, and data rate, you can then proceed to execute the convert and export process by clicking on the "Export" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the application window.

The export button

As mentioned before, do keep in mind the higher the values you select for the export settings, although they make for a very good quality video, the bigger its file size will be as well. So it is best to strike a good balance between quality and file size.

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