Quattro Pro: Using the @FIND and @IF functions together in Quattro Pro

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In QuattroPro, it may initially appear that the @FIND function is not compatible with the @IF function because @FIND returns ERR when it does not find the string. This prevents one from simply using a function like:
@IF(@FIND(“SearchString”,”Text to be searched”,1)>1,”True”,”False”)
Instead of returning FALSE as one might expect, this will return “ERR” because the FIND returned ERR.
Because of this, we need to check for the ERR return instead. Because we are checking for the ERR return, a TRUE result will indicate the string was not found:
@IF(@ISERR(@FIND(“SearchString”,”Text to be searched”,1)),”False”,”True”)
• @FIND searches for a string within a cell
• @IF evaluates a logical condition

• @ISERR is used to check for errors.

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