Pinnacle Studio™ 25 Ultimate: Top Reasons to Buy

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1.  Pro-caliber editing power with total creative control and precision. 
Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate is an advanced video editor bridging the gap between video enthusiasts and professionals. Fluently edit HD, 4K, and 360° video across unlimited tracks, exploring sophisticated functionality and a flexible workspace. Import 8K videos to enjoy unrivaled quality content with significantly higher resolution, greater color, and incredible sound quality. Embrace pro-level editing when creative ideas hit and leverage powerful tools like Video Masking, Motion Tracking, Color Grading, Blend Modes, MultiCam Editing, and more. Take it even further and make your story truly cinematic by applying compelling effects—including premium!—exploring an updated Title Editor, and putting polish on it all with the unparalleled accuracy and creative possibilities inside Pinnacle Studio™ 25 Ultimate.  
Create with inspiration. Edit with Pinnacle.

2.  Go beyond traditional keyframing with complete control. 
Pinnacle Studio goes beyond traditional keyframing and delivers the ultimate level of accuracy and control. You have the ability to fine-tune every individual parameter of your frame—positioning, size, rotation, transparency, color, and so much more. Nothing is off limits—everything can be adjusted and customized. Not only can you manipulate effects, frame by frame, but Pinnacle gives you the freedom to manage every element of your motions and titles to the individual parameters of Color Grading and Video Masking. And, copy and paste groups of keyframes across attributes to duplicate changes most efficiently. With Pinnacle Studio’s complete keyframing customization, you have unlimited power and pro-level editing precision to make your vision a reality.  

3.  Add depth to your story with Video Masking. 
Dive into the revolutionary power of advanced Video Masking with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Explore limitless possibilities for video layering, combining, enhancements, and special effects, all with custom video masks. Save time with the new Smart Object Tracking tool, intelligent, shape-aware motion tracking for masks applied to common objects. Enjoy the convenience of converting vector images into raster images, and Clip masks into Track masks, and vice versa. Use Blend Modes to blend one clip with another and create a superimposed effect, blended masked areas, light bleeds or other color and exposure effects. Dynamic masking controls empower you to target, edit, fade, enhance, and transform sections of any frame, independently. Remove distracting objects and apply special effects that evolve, frame by frame. Pinnacle Studio’s enhanced Video Masking delivers the power to tell your story in more creative ways and elevate the quality of your production. 

4.  Let color in! Expand your creative horizons with a full suite of powerful Color Grading controls. 
Expand your color possibilities with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate’s complete suite of pro-caliber Color Grading controls. Apply instant cinema-quality Color Grading to your videos with included LUT profiles. Set the mood in any scene with white balance, tone curve controls, and color wheels. Intensify the reds in a sunset or the blues of the ocean with saturation settings, brighten and enhance underexposed footage, introduce unexpected color accents, and so much more! Pinnacle Studio includes the whole palette of Color Grading tools you need to achieve precise and remarkable color transformations. 

5.  Show different perspectives with Multi-Camera capture, editing, and Screen Recording tools. 
Pinnacle Studio makes it easy to produce unique and creative multi-camera videos, complete with new MultiCam Editing. Capture webcam video, system audio, microphone sound, and record your screen in a single click with MultiCam Capture Lite. Dive into this powerful tool to edit up to six sources, then easily sync video and select the angle you want to display as the video plays. Pinnacle Studio delivers all the tools you need to capture and produce engaging how-to videos, tutorials, presentations, and other multi-camera video productions.   

6.  Edit, convert, and transform 360° videos with precision. 
Pinnacle Studio exceeds traditional editing expectations, and delivers everything you need to edit and transform your 360° videos. Venture beyond basic editing functionality and easily turn your 360° videos upside down with Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects. Take creative control of your audience’s perspective and convert your 360° videos to standard video or export to experience the playback on VR headsets or 360° video players. Pinnacle Studio expands your video editing horizon further with the power to deliver your 360° video projects to any audience, your way. 

7.  Master your sound with an advanced Audio Editor. 
Master your audio with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Adjust the volume over time using keyframes, and easily apply fade-in and out effects. Enjoy the convenience of audio recording tools built into the timeline to add voiceovers, dialog, and narration to any project, quickly! Make your audio sound crisp, clear, and unique with newly added audio editing features: custom noise profiles, pitch scaling and time stretching, plus mixing multiple sound tracks in 5.1 space. Easily layer audio tracks and use Audio Ducking to automatically balance your audio levels so your primary audio track is heard. With a library of sound effects and royalty free music, Pinnacle Studio delivers the power to master your sound. 

8.  Streamline your workflow with timeline efficiencies and a customizable interface.  
Pinnacle Studio enables you to take control and tailor the user interface to fit your personal editing preferences. Create custom shortcuts and work seamlessly across single or dual screen setups. Work more efficiently and save time with clip nesting to group clips and apply effects to entire sections of your video at once. Easily save these nested clips (sub-projects) to reuse in future videos. Powerful workflow efficiencies make it possible to take your edits to the next level—even leverage smart alignment tools to snap videos and overlays into place across unlimited tracks. Enjoy an improved UI, total workspace customization and flexibility, along with the enhanced stability and performance inside Pinnacle Studio.  

9.  Get pro-level editing power without the pro-level price tag.  
Focus in on the finest details across your timeline and enjoy complete command over shifts and movements with precise keyframe controls. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is fully loaded with advanced features you’d expect to find in professional editing software—but at a fraction of the cost. Elevate your video projects to the next level with Video Masking, Color Grading, Blend Modes, MultiCam Editing, Screen Recording, and other sophisticated features. With frame-accurate precision and limitless creative possibilities, Pinnacle Studio provides you with the pro-caliber power you crave, without the pro-caliber price tag.

10. Ease your learning curve with an incredible learning library. 
Pinnacle Studio’s library of learning materials helps you hit the ground running and produce higher quality videos while seriously growing your editing skills. Video editing takes time to learn, and Pinnacle Studio delivers the resources to explore the interface and take it a step further when ready. Expand your expertise and learn new techniques with professional tips and tricks—in both written and video tutorials. Ask questions and connect with other users in our user forums. Master everything from essential edits to advanced techniques with our library of resources at your fingertips. Evolve within your editing process, become a part of the community designed for video enthusiasts and video masters, and discover the true power, precision, and control of Pinnacle Studio.

11. Share your videos across audiences, formats, and devices. 
Take control over how you export your video, with Pinnacle’s support for all popular file formats and devices. Upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or share them on your preferred social media channel. Pinnacle Studio takes your sharing possibilities further by enabling you to create high-quality DVDs with themed menus, sub-menus and chapters. Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate includes 100+ stylish and customizable templates so you can quickly produce personalized discs to share with friends and family! Now you have the freedom to choose any format or channel and the power to present your video to any audience.

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