Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac: Roxio Video Capture input volume is too loud causing distorted audio

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If the sound level of your Roxio Video Capture app is too high, i.e., overmodulated, causing distortions in the recorded audio.



The input volume level is set too high.


You can lower the input level for the Roxio video capture USB device. This might not be obvious at first, as there are no volume sliders in the app itself. Instead, the input level settings are located in your Mac’s System Preferences window.

Follow these steps to adjust the recording volume level:

1.  Launch System Preferences, either from the dock or from the Apple icon menu.


2.  In the System Preferences Windows, click on the Sound icon.


3.  In the Sound preferences window, click on the Input tab and select the Roxio Video Capture USB device.


4. With the Roxio Video Capture USB device selected, adjust the Input volume slider until you get the desired volume level.


That’s it! Your Roxio Video Capture app’s sound recording level should now be under control.

Note: In the same Sound preferences window you will also notice that there is an Output volume slider. This allows you to adjust the sound volume coming out of your system speakers – this will only adjust the sound volume that you are currently hearing; but this will not affect the input volume level for your recording.



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