Painter - Open program on second display in modern MacOS

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Using multiple displays (Monitor, iPad, Tablet) you may want to move Painter to an alternate display to make use of real estate, or touch display controls


Using older method of Control+Click on the app bade on the dock, then choosing the alternate display, will not work on the modern versions of the MacOS


Open Mission Control by using one of the following methods


The Spaces bar at the top of the Mission Control window contains thumbnails of each desktop space and each window that is in full screen or Split View.

To add a space, move your pointer to the Spaces bar, then click the add button + on the right:

When you have more than one space, you can move windows to and from each space. Just drag the window onto the other space's thumbnail in the Spaces bar.

If you drag a window onto an empty area of the Spaces bar, that window opens in full screen in its own new space:


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