How to locate the AfterShot 3 / AfterShot Pro 3 log in Windows

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Each time AfterShot 3 or AfterShot Pro 3 is run, it creates a log file. The data in the log file can be useful to see what was happening in AfterShot immediately before a problem such as a crash or other unexpected behavior.

Here’s how to locate it:
1.    Close AfterShot / AfterShot Pro 3
2.    Hold down the Windows + R keys
3.    Type "%LocalAppData%" in the Run box and click the OK button
4.    Open the Corel folder
5.    Open the AfterShot Pro or AfterShot folder
6.    In the AfterShot / AfterShot Pro folder, you’ll see a file called AfterShotPro.log.  On some systems it simply shows as AfterShot Pro

If a technician has directed you to this article, please email the log file to the technician.

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