HowTo: Open a PDF in WordPefect when WordPefect states it is encrypted or corrupted.

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On opening a PDF in WordPerfect via File > Open PDF, you receive a message stating that the PDF cannot be opened because it is encrypted or corrupted.

If the PDF can be opened in other PDF viewing software such as Adobe Reader, this article may help.


The PDF may be encrypted, corrupted, or it may contain images stored in a format which WordPerfect cannot read.


  1. Open the PDF File in another PDF Viewer such as Adobe Reader or FoxIt PDF.
  2. Use the Print function in the PDF Viewer 
  3. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF printer or another PDF printer.
  4. Save the resulting PDF file to a new filename
  5. Close the PDF Viewer
  6. Open the new PDF file in WordPerfect. 

NOTE: This has been tested with the Adobe PDF printer and may work with other PDF printers as well.

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