How to reset WordPerfect keyboard commands to factory default

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Pressing command keys (including F1-F12 combinations, Ctrl keys like Ctrl+D, etc) does not provide the expected result in WordPerfect.


WordPerfect keyboard settings need to be reset to factory default without affecting other WordPerfect settings



  1. Open WordPerfect
  2. Click Tools menu > Settings... > Customize icon > Keyboards tab
  3. Highlight WPWin keyboard
  4. Click Select button at the right
  5. Click Reset button near the bottom right. Answer Yes when prompted
  6. Click Close to close the Customize dialog
  7. Click Close to close the Settings dialog


If this does not resolve the issue, the computer may have alternate functions assigned to the F1-F12 keys in the computer's firmware. Here are two options for dealing with this:



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