WP Crash on Format > Envelope

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Click Format, Envelope
You are prompted to enter information about yourself
On clicking OK, WordPerfect crashes or the envelope dialog closes unexpectedly.


Invalid information is stored in the Windows registry about WordPerfect, or there is a damaged Address Book


These steps involve editing the Windows Registry. It is important to back up the registry before proceeding with these steps. Click Here to learn how to back up the registry.

  1. Determine your internal major WordPerfect version number:
    1. Open WordPerfect
    2. Click Help > About WordPerfect
    3. Note the line which reads Version: 
    4. The Major version is the number between the word Version: and the first period. For "Version:", the major version is 21.
    5. Click OK
  2. Close WordPerfect
  3. Press WinKey + R on your keyboard. The RUN dialog opens
  4. Type RegEdit in the Run dialog and click OK. Registry Editor opens.
  5. Using the left-hand pane, browse to:
  6. Browse into the Major version number determined in step 1.4 above
  7. Locate the Envelope Key
  8. Right click on the Envelope key and choose Rename.
  9. Rename it to Envelope-Old. If Envelope-Old exists, rename it to Envelope-Old-1 (or Old-2, and so on). Press Enter to save the change.
  10. Close Registry Editor.

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