WPO: How to enable Advanced Settings in PerfectScript

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How to enable Advanced Settings in the PerfectScript macro utility. This allows enabling additional options in the command browser within the WordPerfect Macro Editor such as:

This article allows one to adjust many advanced compile and debug options. These options should be adjusted with caution and may produce unexpected results if changed.

One can also adjust Macro play, Record, and toolbar settings.


  1. To enable Advanced Settings in the PerfectScript Utility:
  2. Open the PerfectScript Utility by clicking Start, WordPerfect Office <version number>, PerfectScript
  3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Enter on the keyboard
  4. A message is shown that Advanced settings are now enabled.

Additional options are now available.under Tools menu > Settings

NOTE: If the above procedure does not work, please try a clean boot procedure as a third party program may be preventing PerfectScript from seeing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc+Enter keystroke.

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