VideoStudio - Burning Error 517.0.0

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When one tries to burn a project to disc, a dialogue box appears with the 517.0.0 error code.


USB External burner drives, no longer use the native OS ATAPI communication system, used to transmit data from the computer to the burner, due to an update from Microsoft, which fixed communication problems and Blue Screens between Windows 10 / 11 and USB external devices.


In the final window of the burning configuration, uncheck the option Burn to Disc. There will be three (3) other options to choose from. Should they not be present, click on the chevrons to the right to bring them up. 

When the options appear, select Burn to Disc image. By default, these files will be placed here - Documents\Corel VideoStudio Pro\xx.0\Disc Image file.

Once the process is complete, close the burning module window and click Tools, in the VideoStudio menu at the top of the screen, then select Burn Disc Image(ISO). Locate the file which you just created and select Burn.

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