VideoStudio - Create and Burn ISO files from program

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In some cases, it may be required to create an ISO file (Disk Image) instead of burning to disc, straight away.


Some burners fail to communicate with VideoStudio or are "locked" due to other burning applications installed on the computer


Here are the steps to create an ISO and burn the file when it is complete. These instructions take into account that you have created a project and are ready to create your disc.

  1. On the last page of the burn option screen remove check mark from burn to disc
  2. Select the option burn to ISO disk image (third check mark in the list)
  3. Save the ISO
  4. Once creation is done, close the burning window
  5. Click the Tools menu option, at the top of the screen and selected Burn Disk Image (ISO)
  6. Select ISO file
  7. Click the Copy button

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